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St. Paul’s is aware of the importance of building and maintaining good study habits and recognises that students have their individual study styles and strategies. Through its pastorial system, the College encourages students to seek advice on how best to achieve their desired goals. 

bet365 casino liveThe supervised study programme also gives students the opportunity to practise the organisational and time-management skills and effective learning strategies that are taught as part of the daily curriculum.

Learning is also provided through our e-learning portal and in addition it gives a means of contact to their teachers.

Boarding House Timetable

Monday – Friday

7.00am Bell to wake up – make bed and tidy room – all rooms will be inspected daily
7.30 – 8.20am Breakfast – wear full bet365 sportsbook reviewschool uniform when leaving Boarding House
8.30am Assembly and roll call
10.40 – 10.55am Morning tea
12.55 – 1:35pm Lunch – silence is observed for prayers before and after meals
3.35pm Students return to the Boarding House and change to casual clothes – if leaving the College, the Sign In/Sign Out Book must be used
4.00pm Organised after-school activities
5.00pm Shower – rest – private study
6.00pm Dinner, Roll Call 6:30PM (Girls) and 7:15PM (Boys)
7.00pm Bell to return to the Boarding House – watch news on television
7.30 – 10.30pm bet365 games best slotsSupervised study – students study in own room with door open – permission from Supervisor must be obtained to visit other rooms – you can eat snacks or talk quietly with friends or tutors in the Common Room but silence is maintained at all other times so as not to disturb others – mobile phones are not to be used, either for making or receiving calls
10.30pm Study may continue or you may sleep – doors can be closed
11.00pm Lights out

Timetable Changes for Weekends

9.00 – 10.00am Breakfast – after this, on Saturday mornings, bet365 casino livestudents should vacuum rooms or wash personal clothes
12 noon Lunch
6.00pm Dinner
7.00pm Return to the Boarding House
7.30 – 10.30pm Free time – private study – shower – you may stay in the TV Room or Common Room, but you are not allowed to go into another student’s room
11.30pm Lights out

7.30 – 10.30pm*

Supervised study period

*Note: roll call will be made by Supervisors to ensure all students are on time for private study