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bet365 games best slotsSt. Paul’s International College proudly announces the successful completion of the Higher School Certificate (HSC) by their Year 12 cohort of 2023. This year’s graduates are a diverse group hailing from Australia, China, Hong Kong, and Indonesia, demonstrating the college’s commitment to fostering an international learning environment.

The graduates are set to pursue various paths bet365 casino livein higher education and professional fields, showcasing a wide array of interests and talents. Their chosen fields range from Engineering, Law, and International Studies to Commerce, Fine Arts, Business & Finance, Medical Science, Information Technology, Nursing, and Personal Training.

bet365 games best slotsSt. Paul’s International College looks forward to seeing their alumni thrive and contribute to society as responsible bet365 casino gamesand engaged citizens. The college takes pride in the strong bonds formed during the students’ time at school, which continue to keep them connected to the college and to each other as part of an expansive international alumni network.

The college extends its heartfelt congratulations to all its graduates and best wishes for their future endeavors. The community at St. Paul’bet365 casino lives eagerly anticipates the positive impact these young individuals will make in their respective fields.

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